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Wedgehorn 10

Most bands find the Wedgehorn 6 or 8 is all the monitor they need, as the bass and kick drum usually don't go through the monitors. On average stages the drums and bass are loud enough already, and what you mostly want in the monitors is vocals, vocals, vocals. But larger stages may need bass and kick in the monitors, while many drummers prefer a separate feed with the kit and maybe the bass in there too. Traditionally this called for a wedge loaded with a fifteen. The trouble is fifteen wedges typically have 'laser beam' dispersion in the mids and highs; if you move six inches to either side you can't hear anything. The cure? Wedgehorn 10.

Like the Wedgehorn, the Wedgehorn 10 uses a horn-loaded woofer for high sensitivity and a melded tweeter array to give horizontal dispersion in excess of 120 degrees. This is what Chad said about his W10s:

When I finished my Wedgehorn 10's I was amazed at the dispersion. You could probably get away with using only two in the front of a forty foot wide stage and hear everything as long as you were about 3 feet behind the monitors.

This is David Sample's review:

Bill, we used all three of the WH10's for the first time the other night and I must say, THEY RULE! Two of mine are active [PE amp] and one passive. It's very nice to be able to reach down and adjust your own level/EQ. They were plenty loud and clear and we still had headroom W/O feedback. Thanks for a great design!

The 19x20x22 inch forty pound W10 has bass response better than even high end 1x15 monitors. Here's an SPL chart comparing it to the $1500 15-inch loaded JBL VRX915M. The W10 beats the JBL in the lows, in the mids, and in the highs, and has nearly twice the horizontal high frequency dispersion. And with 6dB higher average sensitivity it only needs 1/4 the amp power for the same output.

The bass output of this monitor is strong enough to use it as a bass or keyboard cab. Need lots of monitors but don't have lots of amp channels to drive them with? Build the W10 in a 16 ohm version so you can daisy chain up to eight cabs.

Construction Degree of Difficulty: 5

Performance Quotient: 9

Equivalent Retail Value: $ 1299

Plans are $19.95, delivered within 24 hours as email attachment in MS Word format. PDF available on request. 17 Pages, 12 Photos, 23 Diagrams.