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AutoTuba and TruckTuba


A horn loaded sub in a car? Traditional theory says horns are too big to fit in a car, but traditional theory dates from the 1940's. AutoTuba is a bass horn that can be loaded with an eight or ten inch long throw woofer.

Auto Tuba

Using a driver that small means you can get a full seven foot long horn in a package small enough (14x15x32 inches) to fit in your trunk. But the small size doesn't mean a small sound. The AutoTuba easily beats commercial subs. Here's what builder Bruce Klemz said about his:

"Wonderful, way better than I hoped. Smooth, deep bass. Much better than the 15" ported box they replaced - very musical.”

Check out this SPL chart, comparing the in vehicle response of the AutoTuba, loaded with a $35 eight inch woofer, to an average twelve inch commercial sub:

The AutoTuba runs on average 10dB hotter than a store bought sub, and that means it sounds twice as loud. But it won't cost you twice as much. You can build your AutoTuba for less than $100, complete.

AutoTuba also may be built in a taller 20" x 22" x 15" version, for spaces where a higher box is a better fit, like in between the seats of a van. Both versions are included in the plans.

Tall Auto Tuba

Drive a pickup truck? AutoTuba probably won't fit in your ride, but the TruckTuba probably will.

TruckTuba has similar response to AutoTuba in a narrow box. The front dimension is 24 x 36 inches, and it can be made as shallow as 5 inches, to fit behind the seat of most pickup trucks. It shares the same driver options as AutoTuba, all that differs is the cabinet shape.

AutoTuba and TruckTuba are two separate plans; you must specify which plan you’re ordering.

Construction Degree of Difficulty: 5

Performance Quotient: 7

Equivalent Retail Value: $ 899

Plans are $19.95, delivered within 24 hours as email attachment in MS Word format. 17 pages, 36 diagrams. PDF available on request.