Cabinet Builders

AutoTuba and Truck Tuba

David Stereo Floorstander

SLA Home Theatre and PA Mains

Simplexx Easy Build Cabs

TLAH Home Theatre/PA Mains

XF Guitar Cabs

DR200 PA Top

DR250 Bass/Key/PA Cab

DR280 Bass/Key/PA Cabs

DR300 Concert PA Top

Jack 10,12 and 15 Bass/Key/PA Cabs

Omni 12 Fullrange and Omni 12 Tallboy Bass/Key/PA Cab

Omni 15 Fullrange and Omni 15 TallBoy Bass/Key/PA Cabs

OmniTop 8 PA Top

OmniTop 12 PA Top

OmniTop 15 Bass/Key/PA Cab

Tuba 18 Stereo/HT Subwoofer

Tuba 24 Pro-Sound Subwoofer

Tuba 30 and Tuba 45 Pro-Sound Subwoofers

Tuba 60 Pro-Sound Subwoofer

Titan 39 Pro-Sound Subwoofer

Titan 48 Pro-Sound Subwoofer

Table Tuba Stereo/HT Subwoofer

Tuba HT Home Theater Subwoofer

Wedgehorn 6 and Wedgehorn 8 Vocal Floor Monitors

Wedgehorn 10 Full Range Floor Monitor

Panel Jig

How to Order Plans



These builders, who are experienced in building our loudspeakers, have made their names and addresses available to those who would like to have speakers built for them. To minimize shipping charges you should limit enquiries to those builders closest to you.


Kevin Strange, Scottsdale, Arizona. kevin@strangeaudiodevices.com

Eric Melbardis, Santa Barbara, California. epm@wyldewoods.com

Leland Crooks, Parsons, Kansas. lgcbuilder@gmail.com

Trey Fisher, Tulsa, Oklahoma. dougswoodery@gmail.com

Steven Gustafson, Cypress, Texas. stevengustafson@att.net

Ken Lustgarten, Mount Hope, West Virginia. klustgarten@gmail.com

Jake Smith, Gerrardstown, West Virginia. pquijal@gmail.com

Walter Kreuser, Kenosha, Wisconsin. Walter@Hickory-Oaks.com


Thomas Smit, Sarnia, Ontario. tammojsmit@hotmail.com


Nimrod Webber, Israel. nimrod@boniton.co.il

David Coomes, Doncaster, UK. coomsual@gmail.com

These builders are independent contractors. Bill Fitzmaurice Loudspeakers neither endorses them nor accepts responsibility for their work or business practices. Their names are listed here purely for the convenience of the reader.

If you'd like to obtain an authorized builder franchise please email fitzmauricebill@gmail.com