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How to Order Plans



Jack is our 'Jack of All Trades' speaker line: you name it, it can do it. It can be built as an old-school woofer only electric bass cab. It can be built as a modern full range bass or keyboard cab. It cab be built with one or two woofers. It can be used as a PA top along with subs, it can be used as a full range PA without subs. It can be outfitted with a 120 degree dispersion melded tweeter array, or a vertically aligned compression driver loaded high frequency diffraction horn, as shown below. It can be used one per side for small room PA needs, it can be vertically stacked in a line array for thousand seat venues. If maximum versatility is what you need from a speaker of minimum size and weight, not to mention cost, Jack is the cab you want.

At 15 x 16 x 20 inches and 30 pounds the ten inch woofer loaded Jack 110 is our smallest cab, but it's not small sounding. This SPL chart compares it to one of the least expensive commercial line-array able PA cabs, the Peavey Versarray 112:

The Jack 110 is about half the weight of the Peavey, but its sensitivity is on average over 3dB higher, so it only needs half the amp power to reach the same levels. Jack 110 can run without subs, Versarray 112 can't. Versarray 112 will cost you at least $1200. You can build Jack 110 with premium components for a quarter of that.

Want lots of bass from the least amount of space? This chart compares Jack 210 to a bass player fave, the Avatar B410 Neo:

The Jack 210 is smaller, and lighter, and you can build a Jack 210 for about half what you'll pay for the Avatar. But with the same amp setting Jack 210 is louder, and Jack 210 doesn't have a midrange dip deeper than a New York City pothole!

Need more bottom and output than Jack 10? Jack 12 uses a twelve inch woofer and more tweeter elements for higher sensitivity and output. But at 18 x 18 x 22 inches and forty pounds the J112 remains a compact lightweight powerhouse. This J112, built by ZolkoW, was finished in a vintage style:

Here are excerpts from his review: My previous rig was two 1x12 with the same Deltalites, in small vented boxes. Nothing unusual about them, maybe even a little bigger boxes than EBS and similar brands. It's hard to believe, but with my amp setting the same, but only with one J112 box now, it is significantly smaller then the previous rig and it goes lower, and it can be even louder, and this is with about half the amp power. Very serious.

Need even more bottom and higher output? Get it with Jack 15. At 22 x 22 x 20 inches and fifty pounds it's a man sized cab with performance to match.

Beginning woodworker? Jack isn't as easy to build as a plain box, but almost. A table saw is not required, and the plans are so detailed that even a first time builder can be assured of a good result.

Construction Degree of Difficulty: 3

Performance Quotient: 7

Equivalent Retail Value: 110: $699 and up, 210: $899 and up, 112: $799 and up, 212: $999 and up, 115: $899 and up, depending on choice of drivers.


If you're a skilled woodworker and have a pneumatic brad/staple shooter you have the option of building a lightweight Jack Lite. Stressed panels and aircraft-style bracing allow them to be built from quarter and eighth inch plywood, for empty cab weights of 15 pounds for a 110, 20 pounds for a 112, 25 pounds for a 115. Your sound should be heavy, but your cabs don't have to be.

Construction Degree of Difficulty: 7

Performance Quotient: 8

Equivalent Retail Value: 110: $899 and up, 210: $999 and up, 112: $899 and up, 212: $1099 and up, 115: $999 and up, depending on choice of drivers.

Plans are $19.95, delivered within 24 hours as email attachment in MS Word format. 37 pages, 80 photos and diagrams. PDF version available on request.

The Jack 10, Jack 12 and Jack 15 are separate plans. The Jack 10 and Jack 12 include both single and dual woofer versions. Be sure to specify on your order if you want the 10 inch woofer Jack 10, 12 inch woofer Jack 12 or 15 inch woofer Jack 15 plans.

The Lite series are separate plans; if you want a Lite you must specify Jack 10 Lite, Jack 12 Lite or Jack 15 Lite on your order.


For those who can't cut their own wood flat packs are available at www.speakerhardware.com

These kits are precision CNC milled from top quality Baltic Birch. Flat packs do not come with plans, you must order those separately from us.

Can't build your own? You can have one custom built for you by one of our Authorized Builders, at a price far less than what you'd have to pay for a factory built cab of the same quality.