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OmniTop 8


OmniTop 8 is our narrowest horn loaded PA top, for when you need a high sensitivity line array capable cab with a slimmer profile than the OTop 12 or DR200.

OTop 8 is loaded with two 8 inch woofers, with the same high frequency options as the OTop 15: dual compression drivers on a CD horn as pictured, a 10 element vertical tweeter array, or a 20 element melded tweeter array that gives high frequency dispersion and pattern control that no commercial PA top can match.

The black trace on this chart shows 1 meter/2.83v sensitivity loaded with a pair of Eminence Beta 8 drivers and a 20 element melded array:

The 80Hz lower usable frequency limit allows the OTop 8 to run without subs when you don't have to reproduce a lot of bass content, as in acoustic acts.

The blue trace on the chart is a pair of 8 inch loaded JBL VRX 928LA cabs. Because their woofers aren't horn loaded they come in way shy of the sensitivity of the OTop 8. They aren't shy where their price is concerned, at $1450 each. You can build an OTop 8 for less than $300.

Cab dimensions are 16 inches wide, 22 inches high, 18 inches deep, with an average weight of 40 pounds.

Construction Degree of Difficulty: 4

Performance Quotient: 7

Suggested Audience Size:

Two cabs up to 200; 4 cabs up to 400.

Recommended Subwoofer: Tuba 24, Tuba 30, Tuba 45, Tuba 60, Titan 39, Titan 48

Equivalent Retail Value: $1299

Plans are $19.95, delivered within 24 hours as email attachment in MS Word format. 29 Pages, 60 diagrams. PDF available on request.

Can't build your own? Contact one of our builders. They can set you up with a pair of OTop 8 for less than it would cost you for one JBL VRX928.