Omni 15 Crossover Frequency Question

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Alexander Eddy
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Omni 15 Crossover Frequency Question

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Hi Folks,

I'm building a 3015lf loaded Omni 15. I'm fitting it with a 2x800w RMSl class D plate amplifier from Aliexpress. I cannot speak to the quality of the unit, although I have been using a single channel 1200w RMS unit from the same supplier for some time, and it does indeed deliver the advertised power.

The unit I am fitting to the Omni 15 has fairly comprehensive Dsp and I have the following questions regarding settings for the unit

At what frequency should I highpass the woofer and at what slope? The unit will do up to 48db/oct

How many volts should I limit the woofer section to?

The above two questions are aimed at making the unit idiot proof in the event that I get overzealous with the volume control when playing outdoors. Eminence speakers are not cheap in Australia.

Finally, what is the crossover frequency between the woofer and mid, and what components do I eliminate from the mid crossover? Should I use a 12db/oct slope here like the passive components, or something steeper given the option?

Thanks for your help,


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Bill Fitzmaurice
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Re: Omni 15 Crossover Frequency Question

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High pass at 30Hz, limit to 45v. The crossover to the mid is at 400Hz. Eliminate the 22uF and 33uF caps and the 5mH coil. The passive low pass section to the mid is 18dB/oct. Use at least that.

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