Outdoor DJ Tuba 30 vs Titan 48

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Re: Outdoor DJ Tuba 30 vs Titan 48

#16 Post by Wylandright206 » Tue Sep 21, 2021 1:09 am

Seth wrote:
Fri Aug 13, 2021 10:52 am
blake8188 wrote:
Thu Aug 12, 2021 11:02 pm
At a lot of the bass music 'guerilla' gigs this rig would be used for, there is no barrier except for the sub cabs themselves, so size does matter here. I expect not to need heaps of super low sub bass, but that definitely is part of the culture down in New Zealand, especially because the clubs have sound limits whereas barns and forests do not. If not T48's for this purpose than what would you recommend? Cabs like the Tuba 60 appeal less to me due to the horn being long and not tall.
T48 is a great choice unless the size or weight is an issue.

Here's some T48's set up outdoors, similar to how you're describing (not my setup, just found the pic in a google search)

I suspect this photo belongs to Wylandright206 and/or Armchair Pirate, users here on this forum.

Here's what Wyland had to say about them


That is totally my system! Sorry for the late reply! This was another fantastic forest party. I think it's worth noting that the extension provided by 4 t48s is more than enough to deal with the vast majority of bass music. Even that wonky leftfield stuff. If you really need more than 35hz there are ways you can go lower but it involves setting lower voltage limits and sacrificing total output. Best to just leave it at 35hz. I work with bass music pretty frequently, almost as much as house music, and I've never once thought they were missing anything. The flexibility offered by the t48 makes them ideal in my eyes. If you are doing heavy bass I would recommend atleast 4 subs. But for content like drum n bass, breaks, trap, and whatnot 2 titans run down to 40hz is deeply satisfying.
As you could imagine the forest party in the photo was bonkers. These horns start doing some funky shit with 4 or more 😂 I think that weekend was the moment I realized those horns are absolutely fit for bass music in a pile.
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