First build: 2x Otop8

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Re: First build: 2x Otop8

#46 Post by hbinderup94 » Tue May 28, 2019 6:23 pm

Day 7 - continued

The horns got painted as well and also the back parts of the cabs. They started looking like speakers now.. Or at least my step dad thought so :lol:
But as you probably know - it's not enough looking good at the front - the back also matters. I just thought that it was a cool shot!
And of course with the back installed as well. I didn't have time to install the filters and doing the wiring yet, so it was just empty holes so far.
I drilled a hole for the wire for the HF parts. The inside was hard to reach, but I used a gloved, filled my finger with PU, fingered the wired at the exit hole, and repeated a few times. It worked well, as the wire will never be able to move a mm again - also it seems very air tight! :lol:
The paint for the horns dried and it was time to install them in the cab. The "final result" and the final fitting. I was very happy when I took this picture..
The lowest cab is missing a top hat, so one part is not painted yet.
The cabs got their feet installed and it was time to pack them and return to the city. Waiting to finish them up.. well close to torture! :chainsaw:
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Re: First build: 2x Otop8

#47 Post by hbinderup94 » Tue May 28, 2019 6:48 pm

Day 8: Finishing the cabs!

The day I'd been waiting for! Finally something that I know how to do properly; electronics! :chainsaw:
I premade the filters at University and installed them in the cabs. The insulation and drivers got installed as well.
We didn't really have any issues with this part, and I made sure that there was no problems with polarity. Almost felt like doing my first semester course again :lol:
We closed up the cabs and got them standing on the mounts. They have quite nice balance and also they don't weight too much. I didn't have the possibility to weight them yet, but the stands are for 30kg max and they have no problems carrying them at 90% height.
If you look closely at the sides, this is the cab that was shifted and lost some of the sides. I used a filler and reshaped the horn sides to continue to the end. It's noticeable on this picture, but I doubt that anyone will ever see it in real life. The paint makes it look very smooth. So nevertheless - pretty cab imo.
I just love how they look. It's so raw and badass. Perfect for our kind of music.


The speakers got connected to the amps and we finally had the first sound test. I feel sorry for the neighbours. We couldn't stop playing ahah! We put some chairs in the sweetspot of the living room and then we enjoyed the trance we had from the amazing soundscape. It was like listening to my HiFi speakers - except that we had the amps at 1~% level :lol: and of course with waaay deeper bass from the Titans.. But I won't say too much about the sound yet. We had to put them to the test - and so we did, as we had our first gig this Saturday!

The room had amazing acoustics and I installed the speakers in the best way I found in the room. It had a quite weird shape, but this spot seemed alright - both for practical and sound purposes. Also corner / wall loading wasn't an option, as we needed the "visual" of the speakers. It was promotion of the system, and we both wanted people to see, hear and feel the sound. This was the best compromise, and I didn't notice any problems in the low region.
The room is a former nuclear bunker, so it was quite sound proof. So we had the possibility to turn it up - and we did!
The room could handle 250 people so it was just at the limit of the system. Or at least I thought so. Waow.. These speakers are crazy! They had no problems filling the room with deep bass and crisp mid + high tones.
I used the driverack PA2 to calibrate the speakers to the room. And it just sounded amazing. No dead spots, only clean sound everywhere in the room. Only place I noticed unbalanced sound was in the very corner at the wall next to the speakers - not the one in the picture, but the furthest corner to the left. The bass was loud but we were far away from the OT, so it was a little low.
Also some people pointed out, that the speaker placement was weird, as you clearly couldn't hear anything when dancing in front of the DJs. I asked them if they went there - and of course they hadn't.. Some people can apparently listen with their eyes.. But they had never heard speakers with such dispersion, so when they heard the sound at that angle.. well, someone was quite amazed 8) And also, the DJs didn't get their ears blasted. So it was quite nice.
Needless to say - the sound was clear, smooth and well balanced everywhere in the room. Of course being loudest in front of the DJ booth.

(Picture of final setup before the party started!)
The system got some crazy compliments as well:
There was a festival going on in the city, so many people arrived after the festival. The festival had both a Funktion One and a big Turbosound system at two stages. The owner of the TS system came to our party as well. He was chatting with a guy when I passed them. The guy said; "Hey I just wanted to let you know, that I've been listening to F1 and TS the entire evening. This system is like HiFi compared to the other systems". The owner of the TS responded "Well, surely this is a HiFi version of the TS, haha"!
.. and actually a lot of people of people came from the festival and said these things during the night. Even a DJ group from the festival came by late at night and wanted to play on the system, so we gave them an hour and continued the party for even longer haha!

Thanks for the amazing system Bill. Can't wait to expand it even more. Until then - I can't wait to push it a little more. We never reached full volume at the event. I tried to turn it up slowly, but I noticed that people took distance as it got raised, so I kept it "down". Even at the volume we played; it was loud(!!!), yet everything was crisp, tight and no distorsion at all.
Oh and I almost forgot - V-plating T48s.. I don't think I have to say more :hyper:


Thanks for reading my build thread. I hope that it inspired some other noobs like me to try their best. If I can do it, everyone surely can. No excuses - time, tools, experience.. Well I have neither, but now I have a kick ass sound system :chainsaw:
2x Omnitop 8; Beta 8 + asd1001 - viewtopic.php?f=30&t=25234

2x Titan48, 24"; 18sound 15nlw9300, V-plate (Built by Emanuel)

1x Crown XLS 1502
1x Crown XLS 2502
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Re: First build: 2x Otop8

#48 Post by Tom Smit » Wed May 29, 2019 12:27 am

Well done! :clap:

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Re: First build: 2x Otop8

#49 Post by Chris_Allen » Wed May 29, 2019 1:53 am

Looking good.
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Re: First build: 2x Otop8

#50 Post by mj90210 » Wed May 29, 2019 9:30 pm

What a great feeling when you get compliments like that. Nice work!
Thank You All for Your Time!!...Really!

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Re: First build: 2x Otop8

#51 Post by NukePooch » Tue Jun 04, 2019 1:50 pm

Awesome. I love the way these look. I've got Jack12L's and LOVE them, but the only thing I don't absolutely love is the short, squatty appearance (wider than they are tall). They stack very well, and I almost always have them at least 2 high, but these OTop8's look more 'normal'. You did a great job, I'm glad to see people building the newer designs.
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