Duratex in South Florida

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Duratex in South Florida

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If you live in Southeast Florida Duratex is available in a couple of places. It's made in Riviera Beach Florida (which in true SoFla style, is not actually at the beach) and you can purchase directly from the mfg if you got to their offices. I did this years ago when they were located a a bit further south.

You can also get it from Richard's Hardware in Hollywood Florida. I don't know if they will ship it, but for locals, it might be a decent option. PE is, right now, $10 higher than either Speakerhardware or Richard's. No shipping with Richard's. No sales tax with Speakerhardware.

Factoring in sales tax and gas, I'd probably be just as well off buying from Speakerhardware. Or PE where the shipping's free if you order another $10 of stuff. But if you live here, you know that there are not a lot of good, independent hardware stores. Might be worth it for that, or if you're close, or if you just like to have options.
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