BFM designs in general

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BFM designs in general

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This is my first review after many years of using Bill's designs. I can attest that the cabinets are light and strong with very high sensitivity. My system runs on very little power and through one 15 amp circuit including back line and LED lights. (all of my friends' systems are constantly tripping breakers)

Leland Crooks built all of my cabinets and did a wonderful job. He's a hell of a nice guy and very knowledgeable about these designs.

Anyway, the thing I really wanted to mention is that Bill's cabinets don't resonate like many consumer speakers do. I play a lot of gigs with different groups and don't often use my PA.
All of these groups use active PA Like QSC K series or the EV ZLX and there is a honkiness and a resonance that is not easy to remove with eq. My cabinets just take the EQ correction and done, They always sound very natural and smooth, the cabinets themselves don't make a sound or come into play.

Another observation is that I can listen to my BFM system all day with no ear fatigue.

Thanks To Bill For Great Speaker designs!!!
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