No top hat, no problem

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No top hat, no problem

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When I built my J12 lites for my wife's zumba classes I never thought I would need a top hat in them. So I omitted the top hat option. After I ended up selling my J15's, the J12's became the tops to use. After I built my T39's I realized I need to mount my Jacks on my speaker stands. The first dance I played with them I just placed the Jacks on top of the subs. So after some brain storming and a time crunch, I came up with a solution. Using a 1 1/4" floor flange and a 4" threaded nipple (BTW it has a 1 3/8"ID), I screwed it on a 18 x 15 1/2" ply and used a little black paint and my problem was solved. Now just a matter of securing with a strap.

I am sure someone else thought of this before me, but i wanted to share. Hope it help someone. :fingers:

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