Bi-amping a DR250

For unmatched sensitivity.
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Bi-amping a DR250

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Hey guys,
So I've inherited from the internet a pair of DR250s and I keep having trouble with the DIY crossovers inside. From literally falling apart, a capacitor blowing etc....

So I'm wondering has anyone tried Biamping their DR250s?
Reckon my biggest concern is what to power the tweeter array with... Anyone have any insight here?

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Bill Fitzmaurice
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Re: Bi-amping a DR250

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Which tweeter array do they have? If caps are blowing it could only be because they're not up to spec.

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Re: Bi-amping a DR250

#3 Post by J_Dunavin »

Sorry you are having crossover issues, Bill is right though maybe the crossover wasn't built correctly in the first place.

I was bi amping my DR200s that I had built, quite successfully and was able to use a pretty small amp. Peavey IPS150, then Peavey IPS400 for the mids, crossed over using the DBX Driverack. I started by setting the voltage limit for the mids, then just brought up the highs till it sounded right. Required very little gain.
Totally overkill, but it was fun :D
I downsized to OTop 8's with a crossover.
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