Cheap TLAH drivers

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Re: Cheap TLAH drivers

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I retested the questionable tweeters and included the graphs. #8 is typical (I'd call it good). 12 is blown, 14 and 16 are highly questionable (seem to lack production between 1.6-3KHz and I don't think they sound good), 34 and 35 were a bit softer but i'm guessing they would be fine. This has been fun (first time running this type of test)! Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Re: Cheap TLAH drivers

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14 and 16 are probably close enough, being in an array. 12 is NFG.

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Re: Cheap TLAH drivers

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Could this be used to test elements already in an existing array. By putting the mic directly in the individual element is there enough isolation from the rest?
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Re: Cheap TLAH drivers

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Maybe. You'd know if you see the response change as you move the mic from one to the next.

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Re: Cheap TLAH drivers

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Perhaps you can use the same trick that people use for testing tweeters in an array by ear:

Feed noise to the array (not too loud), place cardboard tube to your ear, other end into the mouth area of an individual tweeter. They should all sound more or less the same. Faulty elements sound distinctly different.

Instead of listening with your ears you could point the phone mic into the tube.

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Re: Cheap TLAH drivers

#21 Post by Kuro »

Finally got around to building my TLAH's last weekend. The rather wet Colorado winter finally calmed down a bit, and for a whole weekend!

The TR-48 drivers sound good in the TLAH, especially for the price. They do seem more mid-forward than the Daytons in my 4 driver SLA, but that could be down to the differences in driver quantity and cab design. The biggest downside was the heavily oxidized terminals, which refused solder even with a fair amount of flux. I had to sand the terminals on each driver.

Now I am trying to figure out positioning of my TLAH's. My seating position is maybe about 9' back, and fairly low, so I might add an extra spacer on the top french cleat to angle it downwards a bit more, and maybe add a wedge to the cleat to toe them in a bit. Or maybe mount them down a foot or so lower. Right now they are mounted about a foot down from the top of the ceiling (8' ceilings). They sound amazing while I am standing! I really wish I had gone for the angled build now!

Unfortunately I am not the one who gets the designated "sweet spot" on the couch, and sitting fairly far left of center, so the balance is fairly off for me. I am hoping some toe in will help this. (also building the SLA center should help, at least for multi-channel content)

I just fear my room may be a bit too small for the TLAHs and there was definitely no way my Altec A7's were fitting in here. On that note however, the TLAH is the only other speaker I've heard that gets near the sound quality and efficiency of the A7, while being literally 1/16th of the size!

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