OT15 long term revisit review

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Disco Stu
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OT15 long term revisit review

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So after a hiatus of having my own function band, then doing a load of other work where I didn't need a PA, buying smaller active kit after one of my power amps blew up at a gig, selling that, buying larger active kit, selling that, I'm back to using my (several year old now) OT15s for gigs and recently used them without subs for a little outdoor wedding in a field and they did a surprisingly good job of reproducing kick drum and bass guitar.

Loaded with the eminence neo 15 and a BMS 4552 (massively over specified for the job by the way) they are running off a QSC GXD4 at -5dB on the master gain because they don't need to be any louder and they can still rip your head off even outdoors.

I've got some fairly surgical cuts in the EQ because my ears prefer a relaxed presentation between 1-5kHz and the BMS is a very strong compression driver but they sound great, they are super efficient, and interestingly at the last couple of gigs the singers have commented that because they are quite a bit more directional than the active reflex 912 RCFs that preceded them, it's actually quite difficult to hear what's coming out of them if you're behind them. At one point the singers didn't even think they were on until they took a walk out front and then were amazed at what they were putting out.

For sure they sound better with subs but for this wedding (pictured) I didn't have enough space for them in the car with all the other stuff (keyboards, monitors, lights, amps etc). The plan long term is to build some smaller OT8s to replace them and always use subs but for now they are working fine as a 1 box solution.

If you want to see any footage of the night this band is a Rockaoke (live band karaoke) band and we've got some footage at our Instagram @rockaoke.south of both our 'function band' set and the dreaded karaoke set (watch at your peril)

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Re: OT15 long term revisit review

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Good to hear your report! Good to see you back!

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