T48 and TH118

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T48 and TH118

#1 Post by Wylandright206 »

So I have a unique opportunity to get 8 danley th118s and 4 sh46s in the same burner style warehouse event space as my 8 sub 4 top t48/ot12 system. We are hosting an indoor stage while the danley horns are going outside. I haven't had many opportunities to host multiple stages with other vendors like this so I'm pretty jazzed about it. The other vendor is a good friend of mine and would be totally willing to allow us to measure both systems. Now I know these are non ideal testing conditions, and this is far from any sort of definitive test, but as I said we don't get a whole lot of opportunities like this and it would be enlightening to see, at the least, how these systems measure comparatively. If anyone has any advice on making comparative measurements I would love to hear it. I recently got into REW so I will gladly take any pointers before the show on June 3rd.

Since I last posted I have had the opportunity to work with fairly large danley bc215, danley th118 Yorkville ls1208 rigs and I gotta say, I keep coming back for that t48 goodness. Versatile box that doesn't break my back, gets low when you want it to, and just sounds great. Hell I had a gig last night where a larger vendor brought a nexo line array for the larger stage and by the time the show was about to start they were asking for my resume. Had atleast 10 random audio engineers ask me "what the fuck is that?!?" over the course of the night 😆😆 people trying to look for serial numbers and logos LOL. Still 3 years after buying all these fantastic horns we are learning and unlocking more from them. Thanks bill.

I've attached pics from the gig last night, 6 T48S loaded 3 ft from the wall crossed at 90hz (parking blocks in the way), and 4 otops, left right stereo and mono side fills. Coverage was unbelievable. There was not a bad seat in the whole parking lot. Zero detectable cancellations despite being surrounded by walls on 3 sides.
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Re: T48 and TH118

#2 Post by Tom Smit »

Kudos on the gig.

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Re: T48 and TH118

#3 Post by Seth »

Wyland, I wanna say I think this is the first time I've seen a photo of your setup without the subs out front and center. Happy to see the more "technically correct" setup this time around. I bet you had more than a couple people ask you why you had the subs facing away from the crowd. I love that you got so technical about the setup to account for the lower crossover frequency due to the parking stones limiting placement. Have you ever set them up with a v-plate? Might have allowed you to put the stack closer to the wall with the parking stone in the open V.

By the way, I really enjoy your gig reports. Please keep them coming!
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Re: T48 and TH118

#4 Post by Radian »

+1 to the setup / arrangement. :clap: Yeeeaaaahh buddy! :twisted:
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Re: T48 and TH118

#5 Post by danieljw »

How was the bass ?
6 x T48 wall loaded would have been pretty epic

- Dan

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