T48 stack

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Strange Kevin
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Re: T48 stack

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I've seen the Radiata pine at Homedepot here in Phoenix.
Although it's only in 3/4" as far as I've seen there.

Haven't Checked Lowes in a wile.

I usually get my BB at Peterman lumber. Bit of a drive for ya, but not out of the question.
After digging through their catalog last night I learned they carry Poplar as well. I May have to check that out soon.
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Re: T48 stack

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Not to completely hijack the thread, but I am wondering what folks are seeing in terms of cost. I think I may have just found a supplier for BB in my area, but they don't even post prices on their website. Maybe if you have to ask... Part of what got me wondering is that BB is, I think, mostly imported from Russia. I don't know if it's under embargo, but I am guessing that if supplies are limited or inventories low the price should go way up. Meanwhile the biggest source of radiata pine is South America, mostly Chile, I think. The Chilean Peso has been dropping relative to USD, so the price may actually be holding steady.

So this is driving my strategy on my Jack Lites: cut carefully on my 1/4 BB, and make anything that is 1/2" thickness from Radiata Pine ;-)
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Bill Fitzmaurice
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Re: T48 stack

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Baltic Birch comes from the Baltic states. One of them is Russia, so that has put a crimp in the supply chain.

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