Mic Positioning

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Mic Positioning

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Anyone have experience mic-ing XF cabs? Any advice on mic positioning? Seriously considering building an XF 210, but I'd like to know if there are any special considerations when pointing a mic at a crossfire speaker configuration.


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Re: Mic Positioning

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Pointing at one speaker is usually good advice, but you may find centered works OK as well.

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Re: Mic Positioning

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If you are miking with a typical dynamic cardiod mic like an SM57 or a Senn 609, I'd point it at the cone of one speaker off center - right at the center can be pretty harsh. That would be the preferred way in a live situation.

You can mic from a center position, but you'll have to be careful of cancellations. No probelm in the studio if you can use a large diaphragm condenser from a couple of feet out.

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