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High power and fidelity from an easy to build cabinet.
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New Design

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Hello Mr Bill sir, hope all is well with you? First of all Mr Bill, I want to tell you I appreciate you so much for designing these speakers they are amazing, infact amazing doesn't even begin to describe how good they are and the resources on the forum is invaluabe and so thorough, thank you thank you sir. I am a huge fan of your work. I have built the OmniTop12 and OmniTop 12 Jarrays, I am currently building the DR280. I even recently purchase the whole CD plans because I want to build all the plans some day. I came across products by Nova Audio, the Nova Audio Elite series which are all hornloaded and looking at the speakers it really looks like they were inspired by your designs and took some notes from them. However I saw a product of theirs the Nova Elite ELC26 ... lc-26.html .I was wondering if you have any arrayable speaker designs with similar form/dimensions in the works, because I think speakers of those dimensions from you would be absolutely killer. Thank you for all you do Mr Bill.

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Re: New Design

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I don't have anything like that in mind, because 6.5 inch woofers are too small. It takes at least four of them to equal one 12 inch, so the OTop 12 is better. And yes, the resemblance of their EL10 and EL15 to OTops is too close to be a coincidence.

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