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Re: Setting limiters

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This little jewel of enlightenment is epic. Mind blown. Makes so much sense, I can't believe it didn't otherwise occur to me. I'm definitely going to include it in future limiter setting process posts. Not sure why it isn't already regularly suggested. Hmmm.

5 years later... thanks Bill! Great info!
Bill Fitzmaurice wrote: Wed Oct 12, 2016 2:49 pm When you have to back off well below 0dB on your mixer for the level desired. If you do that the signal to noise ratio worsens. Instead back off on the amp attenuators. That won't affect the limiting, if they can't exceed maximum voltage at full they won't exceed it at less than full.
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Re: Setting limiters

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Seth wrote: Fri Dec 03, 2021 1:33 pm Not sure why it isn't already regularly suggested. Hmmm.
Well, probably because you will change the balance of your system when doing this with tops and subs. As long as you get your setup right - it's fine.

I think the real answer it to not take too much system for the job - then you won't have to be turning way down at the mixer.

Just as reminder - you still must set the limiters with the knobs all the way up.....don't want anyone to misunderstand Bill's suggestion.

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