AVue Line Array Systems White Paper.

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AVue Line Array Systems White Paper.

#1 Post by Grant Bunter » Thu Aug 11, 2016 4:28 pm

Hey all,
Because this is primarily about someone else's product, I've put this thread in "everything else".

There has been a number of questions here in the forum about line arrays and line array properties.

AVue Audiotechnik in California have just released (July '16) a white paper about their latest system.

Contained in the paper are references to the history of the development of line arrays (so those that are interested have some point of reference to do some research), developments in loudspeakers (waveguides, magnets) based on modern technology, and a sales pitch lol.

It's not a bad read.

The paper can be downloaded from this page:
http://www.vueaudio.com/vue-package/whi ... class-pdf/
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