External amp for THTLP?

Is this amp OK?
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External amp for THTLP?

#1 Post by DaveMacKay » Tue Sep 14, 2021 9:18 am

I’m looking to choose an amp for the THTLP that I will be building. I'm looking for something that fits this profile:
  • class D amp (solid state) rather than a class A or A/B amp because of power consumption and heat dissipation
  • external amp rather than a plate amp so that I could locate it with the rest of my audio equipment
  • ~200 watts
The external amps I've looked at all seem to be way over-powered for what I need. I’d welcome suggestions about amps to consider.

My Yamaha R-N803 receiver provides a “subwoofer out” RCA jack. That line is spec’d at 4V/1.2 Kohm so that, by itself, it cannot drive a subwoofer; it must feed either a powered subwoofer or a passive subwoofer via an amp. Since the THTLP is a passive subwoofer, I need to choose an amp for it.

I’m planning to use an Ultimax 15” driver in my THTLP which presents a nominal 4 ohm load. According to the THTLP build information, 200 watts will be plenty to power the THTLP.

I could use a plate amp (like a Dayton SPA250 or a BASH300) but I’d prefer an external amp (like the Crown XLS 1002).
  • A Dayton 250 will provide 250 watts into 4 ohms and (with enclosure) will cost about CAD$350.
  • The Crown XLS1002 costs about CAN$550 and (in bridged mode for use with a subwoofer) will provide 1100 watts into 4 ohms.
I like the Crown, but it is way overpowered for my needs. The Dayton is a better match, but won't fit into the cabinet with the rest of my audio gear so that I'd have to mount it on the THTLP. I'm OK with either price.

I’d be interested in opinions from forum members about amps that I should consider for my requirements.

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Re: External amp for THTLP?

#2 Post by Bill Fitzmaurice » Tue Sep 14, 2021 9:45 am

Get a plate amp, put it in it's own box. As for the power, chances are you'll never actually use more than 50w.

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