Which plate amp(s)?

Is this amp OK?
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Which plate amp(s)?

#1 Post by RustyGadget » Mon Jun 05, 2017 4:35 pm

I bought the Table Tuba plans and I'm going to build a pair. Right now the plan is to use the Dayton DCS 205-4. I'm looking for advice on a plate amp or amps to run them. They will be used inside our large basement and outside during the summer when we show movies to the kid's friends. Inside I can corner load them, outside I can wall load or possibly v-plate and wall load them off the garage wall (fiber cement siding), or do the tilt as shown in the sub placement advice.

The drivers are 4 ohm but the plans mention that mounted in this cabinet they are equivalent to 6 ohm. To run them off one amp parallel the equal 3 ohms (not a good idea if I have understood what I have read). That means I will need to run them in series for a 12 ohm load (Correct?). What plate amp should I pick for this, or should I just get two amps?

Any advise or enlightenment appreciated.

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Re: Which plate amp(s)?

#2 Post by djamps » Mon Jun 05, 2017 4:52 pm

My pair of T18's with MCM's seem to be happiest voltage limited to 22 volts or so (each), which calculates to roughly 80 watts per. Any more and you start to get power compression and unnceccesary heat, ect.

SPA250 is 250w at 4 ohms or 150w at 8 ohms and is not <4ohm stable. So you'd overload both the subs and the amp with parallel, or under power them in series.

SPA500 is 273 watts into 8 ohms, and I'd guess ~200watts or more at 12 ohms which would be a better match for the two drivers in series with some extra headroom.

Your dayton driver has roughly the same X-max and sensitivity as the MCM, so in practice, I think it'll have similar power limits as the MCM driver in a tuba.

In my case I found a Crown XLS 1002 (350w x 2 @ 4ohms) on craigslist for dirt cheap and run the subs one on each channel, voltage limited (among other things) with a minidsp 2x4. Way overkill but only payed $120 for the amp and already had the minidsp so... :)

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