SLA Pro 5W ?

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SLA Pro 5W ?

#1 Post by djlivex » Mon Dec 03, 2018 10:47 pm

I have a Pair of SLA Pro built about 3 years ago I have been using these pair with a couple of T-24 loaded with 2 x BP-102 4 ohm version. It is fairly loud for small weddings up to 200 venues. Now I read there is a smaller version that will take 4" or Eminence 5W mid woofer. Are these new plans? The 4 x 5W pro mid woofers do not need piezoes? How high will they go?

What I need is a single cab for wedding ceremony possibly powered with a battery (Lithium Ion) with a passive crossover in the cab and bluetooth music while ceremony out doors exchanging vows, small 2 channel mic mixer and a wireless mic or 2 for the Priest and couple. It will be placed in back of the crowd during the wedding ceremony.
Can you give me more info on these plans? The description on the bottom of the plans page for the SLA and SLA Pro kinda vague? Thanks :fingers:
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Re: SLA Pro 5W ?

#2 Post by Chris_Allen » Thu Dec 13, 2018 4:01 am

The revised plans did indeed include 4 and 5 inch options, though I can't recall if Bill put them in different plans.

I believe (without checking) that they still needed piezos as the still require the dispersion necessary for HF.
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