Sub management and limiter

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Sub management and limiter

#1 Post by Davidroidx » Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:13 am

Looking for assistance in what to purchase for my home theater. I am in need of a dsp that does eq, room correction and limiting. Mainly sub frequencies are the big issues. I am running 4 subs off 2 pro amps, each one its own channel. and 11 speaker Atmos with the mains through 2 Yamaha mxa-5000 11 channel amps, 6 channels on one amp, 5 on the other. The device needs to have balanced in and out as my preamp is a Yamaha Cxa-5100 and my sub amps are pro amps. therefore RCA in and outs are no good. I like the mini dsp stuff as I use REW to do my corrections manually, but they look to all be RCA in and outs. It took me a week of moving subs, testing eq settings and pulling my hair out to get a nice room response that i can live with. I am planning to build a few more THT's and when that time comes I would like it to go smoother then this experience.. limiting is my current issue, but again would like the flexibility of one unit to do everything. I currently have no furniture in the room and I am afraid after I add furniture (only tv and a couch) I will need to tweek the system again.
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Re: Sub management and limiter

#2 Post by BrentEvans » Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:01 am

Mini DSP does offer balanced I/o products. ... p-10x10-hd

The balanced connections are on Phoenix connectors, but they have xlr dongles as an option.
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