Shopping for a New Mixer

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Re: Shopping for a New Mixer

#16 Post by Preston » Fri Sep 15, 2017 7:58 am

Great advice on keeping the external processing. Thank you. Lots of great potentials already mentioned. Does anybody have any negative reviews or things they think I should avoid? For example, I've had some issues with the legacy Presonus board, especially with connectivity/software/compatibility stuff.

Also, anybody want to offer opinions on physical faders vs a rack only/table control system? The "fine" control seems like it would address the major concern I have with tablet/touchscreen only interface.

Bruce Weldy
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Re: Shopping for a New Mixer

#17 Post by Bruce Weldy » Fri Sep 15, 2017 8:21 am

Preston wrote: For example, I've had some issues with the legacy Presonus board, especially with connectivity/software/compatibility stuff.

Been running an original 16.4.2 for 7 years. I have two of 'em.

iPad control works fine (although I much prefer being out front with the board). Recording works fine to Capture.

The only downside to the legacy board is the necessity of having a laptop in order to use the iPad. The AI series can go direct to a router as does the new Series III.

If you are considering a legacy 24, then it's the same as the 16 as far as connectivity.

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Re: Shopping for a New Mixer

#18 Post by NukePooch » Fri Sep 15, 2017 5:56 pm

Currently, I run a full-size X32 @ church, and an X32 Rack of my own on my own gigs. (And a Berry XR12 on tiny gigs). I would prefer to have a physical-fader option when I run my own gigs, but, I don't miss it too much. I can deal without physical faders, but I pretty much refuse to run without a wireless tablet option. There is no substitute for being able to adjust monitors while you're standing in front of them, and to adjust the house while you're walking around in it...

However, being able to use multiple fingers on multiple faders is nice when you're got a lot going on. It is possible with a tablet, but real faders are nicer... Basically, if I'm running a multi-act festival, a big board and a proper front-of-house (out in the crowd) might be preferred. Most of what I do however, is mic-n-music events, or single band performances. For those, even if I had a board with a physical control surface, I'd still put it backstage and run with a tablet. The convenience/speed of leaving everything backstage outweighs the benefits of physical faders to me in these situations.

I use the X32 Edit app for PC (sucks), the X32 Mix apps for ipad and android (LOVE them, especially the Android version), and the XAir apps for ipad and Android (again, love both, but I prefer Android). I have not had any issues with control, and rarely have to use the 'fine' controls. I run a wired laptop as a backup, but haven't yet had to use it.

Get a good quality wireless router, keep it secure, get apps to check on wi-fi pollution in the area (network analyzer-type). You may have to change your wireless channel to avoid interference from other routers. (Of course same goes for wireless mics as well...)
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