DriveRack PA+ set up

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DriveRack PA+ set up

#1 Post by J_Dunavin » Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:51 pm

In an effort to set voltage at the amp, I ran a 50 hz tone through my mixer and into the driverack, with amp gains all the way down. I was going to set the output of the mixer, then drive rack and had my meter ready to go at the amp, but when I tried to increase the output of the drive rack, the vu meter would show an increase followed by a decrease in the sub out after a sec or two.
Currently the compressor and limiters are off and the test tone was well within my crossover passband..... why would the driverack limit my output?

After reading the manual, perhaps I need to redo the "setup" wizard. I was trying to adjust output through the crossover page, I mean there is a gain adjustment on the crossover page....
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Re: DriveRack PA+ set up

#2 Post by Bruce Weldy » Wed Jul 19, 2017 1:54 pm

J_Dunavin wrote:perhaps I need to redo the "setup" wizard.

Don't use that thing.....

Do a custom setup and turn the amps all the way up. Auto EQ is good, but the setup wizard will have you turning amps up and down.....

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