Behringer XR18 mixer with our OT12 and T39

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Behringer XR18 mixer with our OT12 and T39

#1 Post by Dan56 » Fri Oct 02, 2015 8:10 pm

I am posting this here for a couple reasons. It is a tune from practice last night. I set my Zoom H2 in the center of the room using the 120' spread mics on it. So, live and I used no compression on it before posting. Thus it's not so much about the mix and the sound.

This is our first using a digital mixer and being that the XR18 is new I thought some might like to hear it with Bill's designs. It is the XR18 into a Driverack PA+ to Peavey IPR 1600 tops, 3000 subs.

I am running the system flat on the mixer. I have not used any EQ on the mains. The only EQ is what I set in the Driverack. I did insert the Compensator effect in the mains which is a multiband compressor. But, when watching it, there is little if any compressing happening. The unit is very clear.

Also, we ran the bass (Fender Jazz) directly into it. No DI etc. The first 2 channels are high impedance made for doing this. The channel EQ is flat, no compression or effects. Just brought up the gain a bit and the fader. I think this is some of the smoothest bass I've heard. Tim smiled as he was playing, you could feel it and it was not loud. What a bass rig!

The guitar is partially in the mixer, the organ is via 2 mic's on the Leslie. The drums are not in the mixer. Not heard in this song, we run Marcel's Yamaha MM8 direct also, you can feel the piano in the lower notes now.

So far, for a band like ours, this mixer and speaker combo is the balls. It replaces my A & H GL2400, the 10U rack and the 24 X 8 100' snake. I now have the 8U rack with the mixer, DBX, power strip and draw and the 8U rack with the amps and my computer bag. Done! ... xr18-mixer

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