Omni 15 midrange driver farting

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Alexander Eddy
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Omni 15 midrange driver farting

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Halfway through my Omni 15 build, I happened upon an already built 15 Tallboy on facebook marketplace at a price I couldn't resist. Got it home and the first thing I did was pull out the existing Kappa Pro 15 (non LF version and a terrible bass driver - no wonder the previous owner didn't like it), and replaced it with a 3015lf.

Driving it hard (a genuine 500w into the 8 ohm load), I found the first thing to distort is the midrange driver. A fart kind of sound. The sound went away if I dialled the bass eq back on my bass. With a thinner tone I could driver the volume harder and the mid got louder without farting. The more low end in the signal, the sooner the mid starts farting.

Is this normal? If not, what should I go looking for? I'm guessing check the crossover for the right components? It's an older build with an alpha 8 midrange - is there a reason the Alpha 6 is now specified in the plans?

Anyway, great sounding cab that I'm sure is going to cut well through the mix while having no shortage of low end. I'm quite keen to finish the half built one I've already started. Two has to be even better.

Bruce Weldy
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Re: Omni 15 midrange driver farting

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Sounds like a crossover issue....

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Bill Fitzmaurice
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Re: Omni 15 midrange driver farting

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Yep, the bass control should have no effect on the signal to the midrange driver, unless boosting the bass causes clipping. With on board EQ that clipping could occur in the on board pre-amp, in the amp pre-amp, in the amp power amp or in all three.
The Alpha 6CBMR did not exist when the original version of the Omni came out. It has better highs than the eight inch.

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