OT8 Comparison and Questions

High power and fidelity from an easy to build cabinet.
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OT8 Comparison and Questions

#1 Post by mj90210 » Tue Jan 30, 2018 2:27 pm


I am planning on building some tops to be paired with 4-T60's. They system will be played indoors and outdoors, mostly the EDM genre and to a small crowd...less than 50 for NON Paid for events. I am looking for a top with great sound quality and somewhat scale-able...The complexity of the DR's do not scare me but the time to complete does, especially if when multiple cabinets are made. I have read numerous reviews of the OT12 and DR200's but obviously not many on the OT8. It is hard for me to decipher which one will be "good enough" based on sound quality and time to build. I haven't heard any of these designs to help with the cause either... I have been around Funktion-One systems as well as newer PK Sound that has established benchmarks.... In short I desire to have top to match the T60's unbelievable sound and output. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts and comments.

What is roughly the amount of time to complete the OT8, OT12 and DR200 (all melded array, assuming you cut your own wood) OR the difference in time between the cabinets..Roughly

What is the main thing given up between the OT8 and DR200? Could most lay-people notice the difference in small venues or small outdoor areas?

If you could build any of the cabinets for this similar setup, what would it be?

Thanks a ton!
Thank You All for Your Time!!...Really!

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Re: OT8 Comparison and Questions

#2 Post by Grant Bunter » Tue Jan 30, 2018 4:00 pm

Bill has always said, if you can build DR's, you should, if you can't then build Otops.
That's not about sound quality, they all sound great (with EQ), it's about giving something up eg slightly less output. Most people won't notice the difference.
So, they are all good enough.

Work out your pack space, that will help with a decision.
To complete pairs of either OT8 or 12, I would estimate days (say a week, maybe 2) for a build, as distinct from longer for DR200, for most of us.

I would build at least DR250's, a minimum of 4...
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Re: OT8 Comparison and Questions

#3 Post by commander_dan » Tue Jan 30, 2018 7:07 pm

Hi, as Grant said, time is probably the biggest factor between the OT and the DR. It took me 8 days to build my OT12s, and I reckon I could do that faster the second time round.

OT8 looks to hit pretty hard according to the response chart, but it's a pair of 8's as opposed to a single 8 in the DR200, so I'm guessing the cab would be heavier. Since you already have subs, I'd say the OT8 is out as you don't need the added response below 100hz, so it's between OT12 and some form of DR. I haven't heard DRs but the guys who have built them say they are excellent. I can only speak for the OT12s; easy and quick to build, very clean and loud, compact size, relatively light (mine are 18kg a piece).
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Re: OT8 Comparison and Questions

#4 Post by CoronaOperator » Tue Jan 30, 2018 7:58 pm

4 Dual T-60's is a lot of horsepower for your size events. You should be able to cover a good 300 people indoors for EDM events. For 50 people I regularly use 2 dual T60's and a pair of DR250's. That is an even balance between bass and highs for EDM shows. I reckon you would need 4 tops to balance out your subs for bigger shows, but for only 50 people, 1 pair would do.

Any of the tops you choose would destroy PK Sound in terms of sound quality (I have about 50 shows under my belt with their Klarity line). My DR250's are in Funktion-One territory if that gives you any idea as to sound quality.

All of your ideas seem to be on the right track and I'm sure you would be happy with any of them. My only suggestion is to go with the compression horns for your tops. A few EDM guys around here have heard both CD horns and piezos and they prefer my tops over theirs.

Lastly the EDM scene around here (Alberta/Western Canada) is really hooked on PK Sound, they have really good marketing and it is hard to convince the kids that there is anything better out there. If you can't beat'em, join'em as they say which is why we used the PK rig for our shows. I don't do EDM anymore so we kicked the PK rig out the door. I did a little dance when we did, I hated the sound of that thing. Powerful and loud yes, but so is an airliner crashing into the ground.
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Re: OT8 Comparison and Questions

#5 Post by T_Gowan » Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:05 am

:loler: "Powerful and loud yes, but so is an airliner crashing into the ground"
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