Jack Lite 12" plans

Combining subs, tops and all the rest of your kit.
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Jack Lite 12" plans

#1 Post by pmmitchnick » Wed Jun 03, 2020 5:21 pm

I had planned to build a lite cabinet for a 12" speaker with my brother. We are both seniors and thought this might be a way to keep the cabinet manageable. 20 lbs plus the speaker would be perfect. I bought the plans and both my brother (the builder) and we found them way way way too complicated. A flat pack option doesn't quite work for me because I live in Canada. By the time it got up here, with taxes, duty and exchange it would probably be double the cost for me.

So of all the kits that are available; is there one for a 12" speaker that would keep the weight down to 26 lbs.?

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Re: Jack Lite 12" plans

#2 Post by jimbo7 » Wed Jun 03, 2020 6:07 pm

What are you planning on using it for? The Simplex lineup is easy to build and not heavy at all. My Simplex 10 is only 24lbs (10.9kg).
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Re: Jack Lite 12" plans

#3 Post by tallevan » Sun Jun 07, 2020 10:45 am

The true Baltic Birch that Bill and many other cabinet makers specify is beautiful to work with, hard wearing and as near perfect as plywood gets.

But I find it heavy.

Doing the math, a standard Jack 12 made from Italian Poplar plywood would be almost as light as a Jack 12 Lite made from Baltic Birch.

Italian Poplar is a very high-quality ply, but is softer than Baltic Birch. If that is a concern, one of the forum members (I forget who) suggested a wood surface hardener.

Another light wood (about half way between Baltic Birch and Italian Poplar) is WISA Spruce Special. Much cheaper than either of the others, I would say medium-high quality.

The standard Jack is a simple and elegant design. You probably won't have any trouble building it.
If you are going for light weight, obviously the speakers you use are a bigger weight factor than the wood. Everything adds up..

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