Lets talk about Guitar Cabs. Looking at the XF210 to start

Guitar cabs both you and your audience can hear better.
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Re: Lets talk about Guitar Cabs. Looking at the XF210 to start

#16 Post by Dan56 » Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:37 am

I'm late to this discussion, but here is my video if you have not seen it comparing my slant top 4x10 to the BF 4x10. The speakers/drivers from the slant top were installed in the BF so the difference you hear is purely the cab. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xcCaacIxdk

I think from this you will understand, that it comes down to how full is the range of tone the cab is producing. I think the BF allows any amp to have a broader range as the cab put out a fuller range. However, as I note in the video, if you are going for that classic mid range tone and nothing else, then the traditional cab with a driver bolted to a flat board recessed enough to protect it is it.

The only cab I have heard that came close to the tone ability of the BF was my old Ampeg V2. They were a ported cab 4x12 with the cab divided into a 2x12 configuration. I have a video up of that too, though my playing is just plain goofing off. Here is the V2 video if interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTtyGMoN4JA

I have run tubes and transistors. I still have my first amp 69 Fender Princeton. My second amp, a Peavey Musician Mark 3. People are amazed at it's sound. It actually sounds like it warms up as a tube does. I sold the Ampeg V4 as it was just too much to move. My primary amp is a Peavey Classic 50 head into the BF cab. I have also used the Princeton at a few gigs, though not into the cab. I changed the speaker in it in college and it woke up the amp. I know people would think it was blasphemy to dump the original speaker, but really it sucked.

I forgot, I have a 76 LP, black custom with a maple finger board. Bought it new. I tried the gold and sunburst, but this was the one that took off in harmonic feed back at the same volume I tested the other 2 at which was a good thing as I wanted a black one. :)

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Re: Lets talk about Guitar Cabs. Looking at the XF210 to start

#17 Post by Bbr6704 » Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:19 am

Late to the discussion too, but you should consider using a good transistor amp instead of a small tube head. If tube aren't driven hard enough, they won't sound good. And smaller heads aren't built as good as big ones (smaller transformers, smaller components, small PCB...)

I've been a Matamp worshipper for 4 years, it's a boutique handmade, hard wired tube amp, something of very high quality, and with a very good tone!

Then I discovered Quilter. They make what we could call "new generation" solid state amps, fully analog circuit, and incredible tone. I bought myself a Pro Block 200, it's incredible, it has tone at under 2 watts, it's still a good tone at home, and perfect for rehearsal or live situation (I play it at near 20 watts, and it's loud enough, without any problem).

If you want an idea, check this video : it's not mine, but it helped me a lot in my choice : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klXxhh3bmus&t=5s

I'm not related to them, just a tone seeker, as many of us here, and open minded to "alternative solutions", as many of us here too, i guess.

And of course, i run it trough my xf212, and I've got THE tone! ;)

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