Elvis on screen

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Elvis on screen

#1 Post by Charles Jenkinson » Mon Nov 21, 2016 4:58 am

...apologies. EQ is one button press away from Everything Else - now I know where I'm going wrong.

My wife and I went to an Elvis gig on Friday, at the First Direct Arena in Leeds. He was on the screen - a large LCD job that was lowered down during the performance - and the Royal Philharmonic (Concert) Orchestra were on stage.

We were up in the god's, 3 rows from the back. It is quite a nice venue - 3 years old, and Elvis was as good as ever, ...if it's your kind of music - it's not really mine.

I was obviously interested in the sound system - I didn't stick around too long at the end, but I think it may all have been a touring rig. I couldn't knock the dispersion (within my not so great ear for frequency response), but I like it louder than it was, and certainly the front 3 blocks in front of the stage had a couple of in-fill speaker stacks.

What was impressive was the timing - the conductor/Orchestra was always bang on, even when Elvis didn't start singing till ages after. ...and being a string player, I couldn't help but be satisfied that the Orchestra kept up on that's alright mama - I'd have liked a bit more chicken pickin from the electric guitarist, but he was probably too British for it.

That's Priscilla, in the second picture.

Good gig.
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Re: Elvis on screen

#2 Post by Chris_Allen » Mon Nov 21, 2016 5:31 am

I've been to the First Direct several times to see shows and bands and the acoustics are great.

Never been as far back as you describe before but always found the audio level enough to be engaging.
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