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#16 Post by himhimself » Mon May 18, 2020 3:48 pm

T30 vs. T45: My opinion based on logic alone (I have no experience with either, T30 or T45)...
- T45 with wheels on one end seems like it would cart around a little easier with the "handle" end at a comfortable height very similar to a hand truck, less bending over except when laying them down/standing them up.
-T30 able to be V-plated.
I went with T30s because of being able to V-plate - who doesn't like free dB?
Obviously outdoors is a completely different animal than inside when it comes to subs. But inside, I have been blown away at what my pair of T30s sound like. I have the drivers to build 2 more, hopefully will get to that in the next month or so. One thing I've noticed when "DJing" for events - think wedding, or party/dance - as opposed to a DJ "concert" where that is the only focus of the event... my 4 Otops and 2 T30s can easily provide more than enough sound for everyone except maybe the most diehard music fans. And the sound is full and amazing, not harsh. I hate that harsh, fatiguing sound that so many DJs blast just because they think it's supposed to be LOUD. Last gig (pre-COVID) was a room about 40 wide by 100 deep, 30+ foot ceiling and I was able to pound it at will. Saw 125dBc on my meter about 15 feet out.
Pick a cab, and just keep adding if you need more. Pretty sure you won't be disappointed.
2xT30 (20", 3012LF)
2xT30 (21", 3012LF)
4xOtop J-array (Beta12, melded/straight piezos)
Truck Tuba (MCM)
Next up: 2xJack12 or family of table tubas

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