Hello from Grand Rapids Michigan!

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Tom Smit
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Re: Hello from Grand Rapids Michigan!

#16 Post by Tom Smit » Sun Mar 15, 2020 9:22 pm

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Re: Hello from Grand Rapids Michigan!

#17 Post by himhimself » Mon Mar 16, 2020 12:15 pm

But, definitely lose those Harbinger tops and build some OTop12s. They will sound much better, are lighter and don't need much power at all...but, build 4 of 'em....they just sound even better coupled.
I've got a couple CE-1000s. Bridged, one can easily power a pair of subs up to 50V. I'm planning to use the second to power subs 3 & 4 when I finally get around to building them.
I was born and grew up in GR, still get up there fairly often to see family. Caught a show at the Intersection a few months back. Decent venue, but reminded me just how bad most club PA's are at putting out clean low end. Sigh...
2xT30 (20", 3012LF)
2xT30 (21", 3012LF)
4xOtop J-array (Beta12, melded/straight piezos)
Truck Tuba (MCM)
Next up: 2xJack12 or family of table tubas

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