Hello! Newbie here. I have my plans and getting ready to build me some greatness!

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Re: Hello! Newbie here. I have my plans and getting ready to build me some greatness!

#16 Post by Grant Bunter » Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:37 pm

Chris_Allen wrote:
Grant Bunter wrote:7ish pounds for the 3012lf, 22 ish pounds for the Lab12.

Since there's no difference in output between the 2, and about $10 in price difference, the only thing left to worry about is your back. You'll appreciate the lighter weight of the 3012lf, especially at the end of the night...
Would the 3012LF also generate less heat and have a lower risk of driver failure?
Chris, I think there's a trap in your seemingly simple question.
As such, the answer is long winded, but could be condensed to "depends".

I'll start out by saying I have no idea of, and no inclination to, look up neo Vs ceramic magnets and their thermal dissipation rates.
Heat is created in a voice coil due to the inefficiencies of speakers/drivers to be able to fully convert electrical energy into sound.
The most heat is generated when heading towards maximum output, and through the power compression stage.
So, any driver pushed to that stage will produce heat, perhaps enough to lead to driver failure, burnt out VC etc. That would be derived through thermal failure.

Similarly, we advocate more cabs run less hard, and call them herds.
If you only have one cab, and push it hard, something is likely to give.
And that's were we introduce voltages and displacement limiting, and mechanical failure due to exceeding those criteria.

Last but not least, it's really easy to say something like "but what if I just swapped drivers, same voltage, etc".
That would be ok if the 3012lf and the Lab12 was apples to apples. But they're not, due to different Vd, and impedance...
DR 250: x 2 melded array, 2x CD horn, March 2012 plans.
T39's: 4 x 20" BP102 , 2 x 28" 3012lf.
WH8: x 3 with melded array.
Bunter's Audio and Lighting "like"s would be most appreciated...

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