First review of T48's!!!

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First review of T48's!!!

#1 Post by Votandrums » Sun Sep 01, 2019 3:21 am

Ok so this is my first review of any BFM equipment. I originally built 2 t48's to use for live sound for my cover band. I completed the 2 cabinets this past week and loaded the driver's in on Friday. Unfortunately one of the drivers was bad out of the box. It played but made this horrible popping noise. Anyway avatar speakers is gonna warranty it for me. Needless to say i was bummed because i wanted to use both for a gig i had this Saturday.
This was my first gig using BFM equipment and first gig as a sound man. I was nervous. At first i was a little disappointed with the single t48 but i was up on stage wiring everything so i hadn't heard it out front. We were playing various different types of music and finally went out front of the stage when Roxanne from the police was playing. Man kick was strong an bass was very present. Then i realized i had set the driverack limiters up but didn't crank the gain on the amp back up before turning on the music. So i rechecked the voltages at full gain and played Roxanne again. It came alive. I had to back it down because it was outrunning the jbl 2x15 mains we had.
Close friends of mine , that are musicians in other bands, all said the kick and bass sounded fantastic! One mentioned that when he walked across the parking lot he could hear mainly bass from a very far distance. This was my first time using horn loaded subs and man I'm a believer.
All my band mates were very skeptical. Two of which are kinda gear snobs so they only want the best brand name stuff, both said they were completely blown away at the output of 1 15" speaker. I have another show in 2 weeks so ill have both at that show and now I'm real excited. I mentioned to my band mates that i have plans for the mains from the same designer and all agreed that the pay from the next gig is gonna go towards building 2 ot12's. I think i just converted some people to the BFM fan club. Thanks Bill for your designs and contributions to this forum. Everyone here has answered every question ive had to get me to this point. Now to finish the tops and blow more people away.

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Re: First review of T48's!!!

#2 Post by Charles Jenkinson » Sun Sep 01, 2019 7:32 am

Great review. Well done. Am very pleased also you got that response from your friends.
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Re: First review of T48's!!!

#3 Post by Tom Smit » Sun Sep 01, 2019 2:01 pm

Hey, that's awesome! You converted a couple of "snobs", it sounds like, and, you were successful in your build! Kudos. The sound from the OTop12's and T48"s is going to be different than what you might be used to, but, it will be clean, clear and very loudly capable. Enjoy your build journey!

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