Full BFM rig for sale in Las Vegas

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Full BFM rig for sale in Las Vegas

#1 Post by 67baja » Mon Oct 14, 2019 10:17 am

Hey guys! I have just had my gear in storage for a long time and am losing my storage space so it is time to sell the rig. Here's what I have:

2 24" T30s - double loaded with Eminence 10" drivers. Build properly with wheels, made from 1/2" Baltic birch, Neutrik connectors, duratex'ed, plastic corners, handles, etc. Looking for $300 each

2 Otop 12s - built by me - 2512 drivers, melded tweeter array, Baltic birch, tophats in top and bottom of cabinets, duratex, etc. $200 each or best

2 Otop 12s- NOT built by me! Flat tweeter array, unsure of 12" driver. $100 each or best

2 SLA Pros - built by me. Dayton PA165 mids, recommeded tweeters and crossover, Baltic birch, duratex, etc. $200 each or best

1 Jack 12 - built by me with recommended components, duratexed with red/blue splatters, full melded array, plus steel handles. $250 or best

Mobile amp rack with Driverack PA+, Peavey 3000 watt amp (enough amp for 4 t30s, which was my plan), Behringer amp for tops (can't remember the model, but it's enough amp for 4 tops), small cheapo mixer I used for connecting a laptop and phone/tablet, probably more stuff in the rack I am forgetting. $500 or Make an offer for all of it or individual parts.

Light weight light truss, lights, Arena Hazer 3 (https://www.guitarcenter.com/CHAUVET-DJ ... Hazer-3.gc), 2 small cheapo foggers, 2 moonflower (?) led motion lights in padded cases, a bunch of old school halogen lights, etc... If you are interested in any of it I will get pics and model #s.

If someone wants the whole setup - Subs, otops, Jack, SLA pros, amp rack, lighting, hazer, foggers, wires, cables, spl meter, calibration mics, extra gallon of duratex, etc, I am thinking $2000 for the whole shebang.

This rig has been literally used less than 10 times. I built it as a hobby thinking maybe one day I would advertise it for parties, but I've never really had the ambition to do it! If any of the prices seem out of line, let me know. The best way to contact me is via text 702-236-6510
2 THTs, 2 TLAH, SLA curved, 1 8-AT, 1 AT JBL 1002D, 4 Otop12s, Jack 12, TT with Eminence 10", 2 SLAs, 1 T30 slim, 2 T30s (2-10" each), SLA Pros, TrT.

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