MCM 55-1740 drivers

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mike james
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MCM 55-1740 drivers

#1 Post by mike james » Fri Sep 17, 2021 8:33 pm

I have 11 new in box MCM 55-1740 drivers for sale. $15 each plus shipping.

2-Titan 48's - 24" wide 3015lf loaded
4-Wedgehorn 8's 3-Alpha 1-Beta loaded
4-Otop 12's 2 meld and 2 straight arrays - Beta 12 loaded

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Tom Smit
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Re: MCM 55-1740 drivers

#2 Post by Tom Smit » Fri Sep 17, 2021 9:54 pm

I did a quick search for specs, and found this. I also found a comment from Bill, on TB, that this driver is a better driver than a Delta, for bass guitar. And, to add, an inexpensive way to get in the game.
Mikey wrote:
Mon Sep 17, 2007 3:38 pm
Fender3x wrote:Has anyone used the 55-1740s to good effect in an O10?
I don't recall anyone saying they tried them in the O10. Actually, it's been a while since anyone said they used them for anything. The specs don't seem too bad, but there is no chart. You could try them and if they suck you won't be out much cash.

Product Details:
10" Professional Woofer
Perfect for musical instrument, PA and sound reinforcement use. This driver exhibits characteristics typical of drivers at over twice the price. It is an ideal upgrade for the Eminence Alpha Series, and a drop in replacement for the Carvin PS10.

# Features: Rigid paper cone
# Treated cloth accordion surround
# Stamped steel basket
# 2" aluminum voice coil wound on a Kapton former
# 35oz. vented magnet

# Power Capacity: 150W/300W RMS/peak
# Sensitivity: 94.7dB (W/M)
# Impedance: 8ohm
# Re: 5.85ohm
# Le: 0.67mH
# Frequency response: 60Hz~5KHz
# Fs: 60Hz
# Qts: 0.50
# Qes: 0.54
# Qms: 7.59
# Vas: 55.33 (liters)
# Xmax: 4.0mm

# Overall frame diameter: 10.25"
# Required cutout: 9.25"
# Mounting depth: 4.25"
# Weight: 9.00 lbs.

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