***Jack 10 Electronic Components For Sale***

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***Jack 10 Electronic Components For Sale***

#1 Post by Testylefty » Sun Jul 07, 2019 5:03 pm

For sale are the following brand new electronic components to build a pair of Jack 10 builds (or any other two-way 10" enclosures). I originally paid over $550.00 for all of these components.

1. (2) Eminence ASD-1001 HF Drivers.
2. (2) Eminence H290B Bi-Radial Horns.
3. (2) Eminence Kappalite 3010 MB 10" Neo Midbass Woofer.
4. (2) Erse 0.45mH 18 gauge coils.
5. (2) Erse 0.60mH 18 gauge coils.
6. (2) Erse 0.90mH 18 gauge coils.
7. (2) Erse 6uF MET 250V capacitors.
8. (2) Erse 10uF MET 250V capacitors.
9. (2) Jantzen 15uF MKP 400V capacitors.
10. (7) wire connectors from Lowes to connect crossover components on plywood backing.

I started this project and ran out of time to complete. These are all quality, brand name, brand new components never used. Email me at cbmvivi@gmail.com if interested. Provide an offer to buy and I will add $25.00 for shipping. All transactions will be through PayPal. I can also provide pictures if necessary. Thanks for looking.


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