***DR250/Jack 10 Components for Sale***

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***DR250/Jack 10 Components for Sale***

#1 Post by Testylefty » Tue Dec 04, 2018 2:02 pm

For sale are the following DR250/Jack 10 components. I started this build and my priorities have changed which is why I am selling these components. These components are all new and I will consider all cash offers. Please contact me at cbmvivi@gmail.com for more information. Cheers!

1. Two new DR250 Piezo/10" woofer crossovers assembled and ready to be mounted - $50.00 for both of them plus shipping.
2. Two new Eminence Kappalite 10" 3010MB Neo Woofers - $300.00 for both of them plus shipping ($360.00 new if you can find them online).
3. Two new Eminence ASD1001B bolt on Horn Drivers - $50.00 for both of them plus shipping ($60.00 new).
4. Two Piezo modules assembled - $100.00 for both of them plus shipping.

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