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The Home Depot in my area doesn't have 1/2" Birch and I will be putting 500w in each cab. The 4x8 plys they stock are:
BCX Sanded Pine $20
CDX Preasure Treated $30
CDX 4/5 Ply Sheathing $16
Rated 3 Ply Sheathing $13
5/8" OSB Sheathing $16
7/16" OSB Sheathing $8
What should I use for the sides and panels and what should be used for the bracing
Follow the plans, and stay out of Home Depot. There are thousands of lumberyards that do carry good quality plywood, and they stay in business because they do sell what HD doesn't. You just have to search them out. If you managed to find us for your plans you should be able to find a source for lumber as well.