Tuba 24 with La Scalas?

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Tuba 24 with La Scalas?

#1 Post by petersbrock » Fri Mar 18, 2022 6:49 pm

I'm building a set of La Scala clones and plan to supplement them with a horn loaded sub. I've only got room for one sub at the moment and the proportions of the Tuba 24 appealed to me for its size and output. The t24 is listed as a "pro-sound" sub, but is there any reason it won't sound good for home listening? Is it less detailed than the stereo / HT category of subs in Bill's repertoire? My room is roughly 15 x 25 feet, but I would love to be able to take these out and play small parties (under 100 people). Also wondering if it is overkill to put two 10" drivers in a wider T24 ?

People on this forum speak highly of the Table Tuba with La Scalas, but the proportions are tougher for me to fit in my space. Are there major advantages of the larger horn that I should be considering? I won't be using these for HT, so sub 30hz is not really a priority. I mostly just want tight, punchy bass to go with my horn loaded mains. From what I've read, La Scalas aren't horn loaded below 100hz, so 30-100hz is the range I'm looking to provide with this sub. It could make a Table Tuba fit if I re-arrange the room a bit, so it's not out of the question. If I were to go the Table Tuba route (single sub), are two 8" drivers preferable to a single 10"? I'm also wondering if higher-end 8" drivers are worth it in these folded horns, or if the $30-60 ones from Parts Express are plenty articulate. Anybody have good experience with other 8" drivers?

Thanks in advance for your input!


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Re: Tuba 24 with La Scalas?

#2 Post by DaveMacKay » Fri Mar 18, 2022 7:33 pm

I'm not familiar with the T24, but --- at this very moment --- I'm listening to La Scalas that I've paired with 2 THTLPs. The pairing is nothing short of fantastic.

My room is somewhat similar to yours (mine is 22' x 11'7"). I struggled with severe issues with room modes. Adding a second subwoofer and using REW's room simulator allowed me to turn it into a decent listening space.

If I had to choose, I'd definitely go with two small subs over 1 big one. If, however, you can make 2 THTLPs work in your space you'll be delighted.
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Re: Tuba 24 with La Scalas?

#3 Post by Bill Fitzmaurice » Fri Mar 18, 2022 8:58 pm

The T24 doesn't go low enough to be useful with LaScalas. In order to get a reasonable match subs must be considerably larger than the mains that they're used with, and you'd need two, not one. When space is an issue then smaller mains is the way to address it, not smaller or fewer subs.

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