How much of THT do i need?

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Anton De
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How much of THT do i need?

#1 Post by Anton De » Sun Apr 14, 2019 2:07 pm

Hi everyone!

I have never dealt with a subwoofer and feel a little lost so can not get to the final conclusion. I have built a pair of klipsch jubilee and they sound wonderful. But on some recordings, I still miss the low end. My idea is that low frequencies are the foundations of the sound. You need to have them if you want a proper sound of a cello or piano, for instance.
The main idea would be to build a 22hz horn (up to 250) that could be installed directly into the floor. That involves a lot of work and rework, so I thought to play first with some «smaller» subs to cover 20(25) to 50hz region.

Could someone explain what would be the differences in my situation between
1. one THT 15 inch 36x36x24
2. two THT 15 inch 36x36x24
3. two(three) THT 12 inch 36x36x18? (Not sure about the optimal size)
4. one double 12 inch THT 36x36x24(30)

Most of the time I am the only listener so 2 subs to smooth the room mods probably are not necessary. Also, mid horns are very directional and the sweet spot is very well defined.
Undoubtedly I will have to use some EQ.
Moderate db levels. The room is about 2500 ft3.
I presume any of them will be enough to match a pair of jubs (or think klipshorn as they are similar). From my experience with horns, 15inch gives a little more bass authority compares to 12 no matter the quantity of 12s. But to much depends on the horn..

The idea would be to place them below the jubs (have some ideas on how to disconnect them) that stays in the corners.
In case I have to mess them around with none or little gain in sq I’d prefer to have only one as a coffee table placed where it sounds best.

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